About us

“WoxxBarbers” – stylish and welcoming oasis of masculinity. the first specialized barbershop in Dublin welcomes you with many years of experience and a modern touch, offering not only a masculine cut, but also the traditional beard shaving and styling.

Once you get into our Barbershop you’ll understand what it means to get a professional cut & formed a masculine style. Professional barbers will take care of your appearance, good mood and good impressions. After all, men also deserve to have their own place to unfold.

We wish that every men came to our barbers, not only for a cut, but also to spend a good time, to give rise to the tradition of taking care of their appearance. After all, it is – not only women, that has to take care of their appearances. Haircut – is not the mechanical work, it’s a creative process that requires concentration and practice. while Maintaining the tradition, we are delivering new trends by combining modern style with old classic hairstyles, to bring you something fresh everyday.


All our customers are different and each can discover a unique, masculine style. Everyone has it. Therefore, every men deserves quality services and modern ideas. Welcome to visit WoxxBarbers.

  • 2012 m. Milan, „OMC Prestige Club WorldBestStylistOfTheYearAward 2012“ – II place
  • 2011 m. Milan, „OMC Prestige Club WorldBestStylistOfTheYearAward 2011“ – I place
  • 2011 m. „IHF IrishAll-StarAward 2011“ – winner;
  • 2011 m. „OMC EuropeanChampionshipSilverMedalinFullFashion 2011“ –II place;
  • 2011 m. „WinnerofIrishMen’sFullFashionCategory 2011“ – I place;
  • 2011 m. Dublin, „WinnerofIrishBarberoftheYear 2011“ – Best Barber;
  • 2010 m. Paris, „OMC WorldHairdressingChampionships 2010“ – III place);
  • 2005 m. Paris, „MCB &EuropeanChampionship” – V place;
  • 2005 m. Dublin, „AllIrelandChampionship“ – best gentleman look award;
  • 2004 m. Vilnius, „Auksinės žirklės” – finalist;
  • 2004 m. Ryga, „Baltic Cup“ – I place;
  • 2004 m. Vilnius, „Gintarinė sruoga“ – I place;
  • 2004 m. Ryga, „Stilsunmode“ – II place;
  • 2003 m. Vilnius, „Scwarzkopfmagicstyling“- I place;
  • 2003 m. Vilnius, „WellaTrendVisionAward“ – II place


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